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Christmas time is here...
2008-12-24 - 8:51 a.m.

In my house we have a few holiday traditions we adhere to every year. For us, it just wouldn�t be Christmas without them.

We decorate the house for starters. Although I must admit I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas ones (no we don�t use the Halloween ones at Christmas!) the front rooms end up looking pretty good. This year we�ve included several more strands of various blinking, colored and white lights to up the festive-nous. Some nights I do the hustle next to them. Other nights, if I stare too long I hit the floor with convulsions. Woot-woot�..woot-woot.

I play all my favorite Holiday music (Carol of the Bells is my favorite) and light holiday scented candles every day. I even have �pine scents� strategically placed by the artificial tree to add a little �authenticity�. (Hey, you do what you gotta do) I also like to do little skits with my nutcrackers but we won�t go there. J

I fill out Holiday cards for any friend or family I have addresses for and we take some sort of family picture in front of our little beaten down tree with the ornaments that weren�t stolen in the big storage robbery of 2001. I still love the ornaments. This will be Madisons first Christmas and she hasn't so much as touched the tree (even though she is quite mobile now). Kelly always insists on putting her handmade, popsicle stick, bright red, star of David with her preschool picture glued to the center, ornament in the top center of the tree. I also have Dylans� preschool made bell with his photo and Emilys� elf with her photo. I wonder what I�ll do when the kids are gone Kelly insists I�ll continue to put her ornament �in its place� on the tree long after she has flew the nest. She doesn�t know I�m only thinking palm tree by then. Anyway, we take a holiday family picture and sent it with the cards. I have no idea who actually wants these pictures but I like to put a face with the card, people. I�m spreading my cheer. We started this little tradition years ago and the kids have come to expect it. This year we included our little dog too.

The kids make sugar cookies. They tell me they want me to help but when I try they whine (yes even the older ones) �I wanted to do that paaaaaart� so I let them have at it. They decorate them too. I always smile and tell them what a great job they did. In reality most of the cookies are covered in multicolored goo with a gratuitous amount of sprinkles. In general, I am not a perfectionist. In fact I�m almost the polar opposite. However, when it comes to the cookies I really want them to look well, fancy. I kinda cringe at the sprinkle vomit and goo. But they are kids and they are having fun. I figure one day, I can make all the damn fancy ones I want. I only have a precious few years left with all of my kids in the house decorating. Besides, we are the only ones that eat these monstrosities and a sugar cookie by any other look still tastes like a sugar cookie. So there ya go. We also drink egg nog. And make egg nog pancakes although that tradition is fairly new since I only just came across the recipes.

We watch Christmas shows and movies. So far it�s been Elf, The Grinch, Poohs� Christmas, �.. I forget what else but we are saving our 2 favorites for Christmas day. After we open presents and have breakfast (I�m thinking pumpkin pancakes with a caramel and pecan topping) we�ll watch A Christmas Story (my all-time favorite movie) and A Charlie Brown Christmas (My favorite show). I�m going to make a holiday turkey dinner cause I love me some turkey and gravy and drink wine and mimosas. It wouldn�t be Christmas for us wither if I didn�t go online and play �ding fries are done� and Joe Cartoons �Christmas banana� (I laugh till I pee watching that�..every time��I don�t know why) and Joe Cartoons other Christmas cartoon shorts. (Not for small children).

We also make it a point to do anything the city we are in has to offer. Madrid does a bus tour of the downtown areas Christmas lights. It�s a double-decker bus and it�s only 2 euro. It�s a nice ride. And yes they celebrate Christmas here along with 3 kings day and their other holidays.

In general I like to do what I can to create happy memories for the children. It doesn�t take a lot and I like to have some things that remain the same since our lives are always changing.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Joy to all what ever you celebrate!

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