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The post that finally arrived.
2008-06-14 - 1:18 p.m.

When I checked the other day, I saw that it has been over 3 months since my last post. Well, crap on a cracker. Im paying for this and I cant be bothered to actually sit down and write? Geez, somebody just shpank me now.

In my defense, I went and done had me a baby. I am crrying a huge ass turkey no more. The terrible thing? No, not the baby part but the fact that she is almost a month old and I am just now getting around to announcing it to all 6 of you who are still checking in. Ok, ok so here goes. I gained a total of 30 lbs during pregnancy. Madison Grace was born May 19th and weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. She was (and still is) 21 inches long. I was induced. I had an epidural. I had an episiotomy (and a really good stitch-up job after the fact). It was a really nice experience for me over all and virtually pain free. I don't feel guilty for my choices and don't need to wear the "drug free and proud badge". This is the way that worked best for me. The hospital care I had here (Madrid, Spain) was the best care of ever received. The language barrier was a little frustrating but not enough to make it an uncomfortable event. She was born in the same hospital that the Princess of Spain gave birth in a year ago I think? Since Maddie was born here she has dual citizenship that could be useful to her in her college years should she choose to live here.

My little Pooty is a sweetie and looks like me (I dont care what you say Mom!) She sleeps 6 hour stretches at night usually from midnight to 6. So I go to bed after watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I have been experiencing total baby love all over again. It seems to increase more with every child I have. I guess because it becomes more and more clear to me how time is fleeting and these moments, they pass. When they are over, they are over. It seems like Emily was 3 just the other day. Now she is 8 . Kelly is 16 and talking about what she plans to do when she leaves home in 2 years. This (school) year rushed by so quickly that 2 years is a mere cakewalk and then shes gone. Im already beginning to mourn the loss. Sigh. I look at this new little one and try hard to remember the other 3 at this age. It gets harder. Enough with the clichs already, but those of you with kids (or not) may know what I mean. You just start to realize how quickly it all goes and work harder to hold on to what you have. At least I do. I just really hate to sound all sappy about it. Meh.

Anyway, I finally have more to talk about so I will defiantly be writing here more. I got over pregnancy brain and am beginning to get my thought process back. There are still some glitches to be worked out but there ya go. Im back, hopefully with a vengeance and not just a little spurt of bubbles.

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