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What? I'm still here??
2008-09-08 - 9:27 a.m.

Alright, I am back. I give up on saying I will write all the time. Too much pressure and I inevitably let myself down. So now I have just decided I’ll write when I can or when I am inspired. No pressure.

Anywho, today marked the start of a new season of Dr. Phil…..A new season. I have been watching summer re-runs for so long and frankly, it sucked. But today…..today two of the three older children are in school. Tomorrow Dylan starts school so I’ll be three for three. It’ll just be me, Madison, and my little yapping….uh ninja dog. My life is such that this excites me. I am not ashamed of that fact.

Speaking of Madison, she is now almost 4 months old. I know, time flies can you believe it? She rolls over both ways, coos babbles, laughs, plays with toys and all the other cute stuff that comes with babies. When I say cute I am not however, referring to the massive shits, overflow of drool, pulling my hair out, or fussing for long bouts do to possible teething. Just the first few things are cute. The latter aren’t so much. I love the little monkey though. She has a big head, a wonky ear and an outy belly button with a dark brown “stain” covering it. She has big blue eyes and a little double chin. She is my beautiful girl and I love to see her grin. I feel silly writing all this gushy baby stuff but not too much.

About Spain, it’s been a year that I have been living here now. I haven’t gotten the “full” experience of being here because Madrid is a “nightlife” sort of place. People don’t even eat dinner until about 9 or 10 pm. My butt is in bed by then. I have seen some of what the city has to offer and it’s defiantly worth a visit if one is so inclined but be prepared to stay up late….Unless you’re at my house. Then be prepared to watch some tv and be in bed before 11.

My neighborhood is improving. New people have moved in and they are much more sociable then the previous set. It’s not unusual for Americans to become very clique-ish when they live in Europe. They can’t pull that shit when in Africa or they will be very much alone. In Europe though, the women more often than not think they are still in High School and for their little groups. How you look and what office your husband is in defines whether or not you make the cut. I didn’t last year. It was a long year and a lonely pregnancy. Since I already dealt with this sort of thing back in Vienna it didn’t affect me so much this time around. After all I had Dr. Phil. But like I said, there is a new group and they are indeed a kinder bunch. I will have much more to do this year and will “attempt” to write it down.

So that’s it for today, I know this post was in mere bits but I’ll get better sooner or later. Oh, one exciting thing? I am taking Madison to California to see her grandparents for the first time in October. I can’t freaking wait! Thank you frequent flier miles!

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