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2007-12-29 - 11:06 p.m.

Itís been so long. I know, we discussed this before and I suck. I know man. But itís December, thereís always stuff going on in December!!! Plus Iím getting pretty damn lazy with all this weight gain (13 lbs to date but looks and feels like 40).

Iím also dealing with a minor case of the blahs now that most of the holiday hubbub is over. Like some how, I didnít live it up to its fullest or something. I didnít get all the Christmas cards out. Didnít get all the cookies made. Only gave 2 plates away to the neighbors. I didnít have family or friends to spend Christmas day with. It wasnít bad or anything. I mean, it was nice. Itís just now that itís over its back to the routine of not so much. I dunno. I learned a few things this month though.

I had a scare at the start of the month and the Dr. requested an amniocentesis be done. I was nervous and hesitant but with my age and history I had it done. Living in a foreign country itís better to be prepared. Well, it turned out all is ok so far (final results still not in yet) but I learned we are having a little girl. We have names in mind too. I am 18 Ĺ weeks now. Yea, itís been that long already.

I learned that it doesnít matter if you work or stay at home. It doesnít matter if you ignore your kids or play with them, spend time with them or converse with them often. It doesnít matter if you expose them to things (to teach moral lessons) or keep them in the dark. If your kids are going to do something that you/they know is wrong, they will do it regardless of your parenting technique. Initially this was a huge kick to the balls for me. I thought I had my areas covered. Teenagers are chameleons though. Mine were naughty and almost got away with it. My daughter who just turned 16 lost her laptop for the year. Both teens are grounded indefinitely. Although I wonít go into details I will say what they did was bad but not heinous. It was typical teen angst I guess. To be honest I was far worse by the age of 16 then my daughter could dream up. However, as a parent, itís my job to you know, not let HER know that and of course ground her in hopes that she will be smarter then I was in my wild 80s keg party heyday. Well, thatís the plan anyway.

Anyway, the weather is getting colder here but I enjoy it so no big deal. I will try and keep up here. I donít have tons else to do except play Guitar Hero with the kids. Iím a rock star in my spare time.

Oh, and I learned that even though I love the new Ginsu knives I got for Christmas I shouldnít play with sharp things right now. I used them 3 times and cut myself twice already. At least I know they work.

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