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2007-11-26 - 10:12 a.m.

It has been a very busy week here at casa de garden (play on my name). Yes, yes, I have been mucho busy. Not to mention unexpected things thrown in the mix. That is always bound to happen during the holidays though isnít it?

Tuesday was Dylanís first appt. with the orthodontist. I thought I was playing it smart by getting his braces on in the states to save some money. Alas, it didnít turn out to be so. Since it took me 2 months to get him in the lovely ďdentist peopleĒ informed me that they would have to start all over with the work plus he would need additional work that the original orthodontist didnít do. Because we are American we cannot get local financial help or bank loans. We had to pay over 900Ä up front to get him started. Since it had to be done, we had no choice. Now, for those of you not familiar with Euros or money exchange Iíll try and help. Right now the local exchange is 1.35 to the Euro. That is not as big a deal when you are paying a few dollars. However that makes the 900 closer to 1,300 out of our pocket. There went our extra Christmas fund. It wonít kill us, mind you. It just set us back and that is never pleasant.

Dylan had to have the center piece of his gums (between his two front teeth) cut out and the connection of his upper lip to his gums clipped. He then had stitches put in. His lips swelled so much I called him my little trout pout for days. Braces cost a small fortune when all is said and done. For Dylan, roughly 8,000-9,000 for his winning smile 3 years from now. He promised when he is rich and famous he will totally hook me up. Word to your mother.

Wednesday I drove into the city all by myself. I made it in one piece and a decent amount of time. BY MYSELF. See? I am able to drive at times. I had to play my mellow 70s mix cd though. Heh, every time I hear ďEasyĒ by the Commodores all I can think of is the scene in Cat in the Hat where after he gets hit in the balls and has a vision of him in a dress on a swing with that song in the background. Thanks a lot Mr. Myers. So I drove in because I had an appt. for an ultra sound. I am 13 weeks and baby seems fine (I think based off of their Spanglish) but they recommend an amniocentesis. Iím so scared yet still sitting on the fence about it. Not sure why the recommendation so Iím going to call today. I never worried so much with the other 3 but then, I didnít possess the internet or google then either. Damn you Microsoft for making my anxiety higher.

Then there was Thanksgiving. We stayed home alone. Just Glen and the kids and I. It was our first Thanksgiving alone, ever. It turned out pretty good though. I cooked a huge meal with extra gravy (my drug of choice) that I froze for future highs. We dressed up and lit candles. We said grace and gave thanks. We sat eating while Aliceís Restaurant played on the stereo (family tradition) and then Adam Sandlerís Thanksgiving turkey song to make it complete. I even took 2 bites of stuffing. I freakin hate stuffing. As the day went on and we were stuffed, we watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Charlie Browns Mayflower Voyage (I think thatís what itís called). And, I learned something. I did not know that of the 102 on the Mayflower, 30 were children ranging in age from 2 months to 15 years. Of the adults, over half died (while docked and waiting through the winter for housing to be built) but all the children survived. Resilient little suckers, werenít they? The only let down was I didnít get to see the Macys Day Parade here. Not a huge deal but it wouldíve been fun. Still all in all, it was a nice day.

Friday we took Em and the other two to Toys R Us so she could buy a gift for herself with her allowance. Littlest Pet Shop won hands down. Then we browsed around Ikea then had lunch at TGIFridays. This was Emilyís request since she wasnít having a birthday party full of friends this year. Thatís the sucky part of moving and being new. TGIFridays was funny because Kelly knew enough Spanish to say it was Emilyís birthday so they came out in a group to sing. I had no idea what they were singing till they got to Do Wah Diddy Diddy. They werenít in sync and their accents made it hilarious. We loved every minute. Em loved the attention but at the same time was beet red from it. Saturday I made here a carrot cake and decorated it. It didnít crack or collapse. I rock! We put up balloons and streamers. We sang and ate cake. We tooted horns. The stuff youíre supposed to do. She opened gifts. I made turkey enchiladas with guacamole and sour cream. My mom called and wished her a Happy Birthday.

Someone else who claims to treat all the grandkids the same did not call or email or anything. Emily turned 8. Yea she probably caught that. Itís too bad but just proves my point on a thing or two. Ahem. AnywayÖ

Emily had a very good day and was happy even without the themed party and friends and goody bags. Iím glad. I never had that and I grew up ok. I think. Now I just have to figure out how to make Kellyís sweet 16 special. Itís only just over 2 weeks away. I have no idea what to do.

Sunday, we did something we have NEVER done before. We put up the Christmas tree. In November! We decorated it. I just want to feel some sort of spirit as I sit here alone each day. I have no friends yet still hopeful for a job but lonely. I wanted to be cheered. Looks like Christmas will be just us (another first) but I am planning to do what I can to make it special. I just need to find my favorite Christmas cd. Weíre simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

Oh yea, and my dearest husband bought me a big ass (about 2 Ĺ feet) Woodland Santa. I heart him.

So on to a new week. How was your week?

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