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2008-03-03 - 10:20 a.m.

So the question goes. Well, no where really. I just have had a major lack of motivation to write, all new fun times (please note sarcasm) with a 16 yo trying to find herself, a growing belly, and new websites that keep me entertained for hours. Each time I come to diaryland I see how much time has passed since I have delivered so to speak and I feel guilty. Itís as though I am neglecting a child of mine. Donít ask me, itís my brain. Pffft.

I havenít broken any New Years resolutions since last I wrote but thatís probably due to the fact that I didnít make any this year. Easy peasy. Well I already quit smoking, Iím pregnant so dieting is out and Iím already a kickass person so there was nothing to improve upon. I kid. Iím just lazy. I did however; go on a ski holiday with the kids in Feb. We went back to Garmisch, Germany. We did this a few years back while in Austria and thought weíd do it again. The kids had a blast. The two older ones took up snowboarding this year and all three took first place in their divisions for the races on the final day. Not too shabby. The husband and I went on a tour of the ďDisney CastleĒ. Mostly we hung around the resort sans kids. I used the hot tub, pool, steam room etc. and got a pregnancy massage (heavenly). And the husband and I with all our compulsiveness spent a bit too much time in the little casino area. It was a much needed get away although I will add that when you are on the 3rd floor it is so not cool to let your kids race and holler up and down the halls past 10 pm at night. No, my kids didnít but other people did and actually got in a huff when we stuck our head out and please asked them to stop. That sort of thing really chaps my ass. AnywayÖ..

I thought I was getting close to some sort of safe zone with my oldest daughter but no. Iím not. The latest was to go to a museum with a friend of hers. Well enough till I found out they were also meeting up with a 19 yo they met online. Itís hard enough I am in another country but add this other stress and itís a wonder I still have my hair. What to do? I canít lock her up (although she was grounded for a solid 2 months after her last little fun) I canít beat her ass (although the temptation is strong at times). Yelling and screaming is a waste and a headache. So I talkÖ..and talkÖ..and talk till Iím blue in the face and tired of my own repetition. Crossing fingers is next. Some sort of voodoo involving frog bile and a chicken is on my list but only as a last resort. On the bright side, she auditioned for the musical ďOklahomaĒ at her school and got a part. Hopefully thatíll keep her focused for a little while.

Everything else is just kind of moving along as always. I have been painfully bored for at least 3 months now. I watch the same crap day in and day out on tv, make the dinner and on weekends I go grocery shopping. Itís a total party. The pregnancy is going along as one would I suppose. No problems, no hurdles, no swelling etc. I have gained about 21 lbs and some extra stretch marks. I am just about 28 weeks now and waiting. I donít even know where the hospital here is that Iím to deliver in. Guess I need to get on the ball. I think that about sums it up. I hope to write more here before it becomes too much work and not much love. Maybe next time Iíll let you know my thoughts on stupid men on tv, the new AI, my undying love for Gary Sinise, my complete dislike for all that is Britney Spears or maybe something more thought provoking. Hereís hoping.

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