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2006-12-15 - 9:35 a.m.

Her birthday passed. Sheís 15 now. I canít believe what a beautiful young lady she is becoming. I donít just mean on the outside. Sheís intelligent and witty. She loves a good joke but I can always get her to laugh at my utterly lame and dimwitted attempts to be funny. She knew and understood empathy at an early age. Sheís passionate about the things she believes in and stands by her ideals even if it goes against her peers. At her worst, she is only slightly moody and sullen. She rarely ever cries but she feels so much. She still hugs me and kisses me several times a day. Even when I tell her she smells. She says she enjoys my company.

She loves to read, (Loves Harry Potter) write, draw, doodle, and listen to her music. She canít LIVE without her music. Her most favorite bands include My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Panic at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. She says when she turns 18 she is going to hunt them down and marry one of them. She also has been known to fall asleep at night to James Taylor. She likes to collect the Living Dead dolls and has her wall covered in posters of her favorite bands (most of the men have heavy eyeliner on) She has a Tinkerbell desk set. She likes purple, green and black. She creates her own fashions with clothes and dares to be different. Some of her clothes have skulls on them. One time she had pink streaks in her hair. She loves theater and drama. She loves to be on stage. She loves musical and wants to see the stage production of Rent. She sings while she does the dishes. She wants to play guitar. She especially loves all things chocolate.

She is ambitious. She gets all Aís and Bís in school. She is the President for the 9th grade student council. She played soccer again this year. She is in training 3 to 4 days a week for the upcoming hike up Mt. Cameroon. She is in Odyssey of the Mind. Children from all over the world will be traveling to Germany this spring for this week long experience. She says she wants to go to Oxford and then to Law School in CA. when she leaves. home. She wants to be a Criminal Prosecuting Lawyer. She is everything that I am and then some. I am lucky that this girl is mine.

He didnít call her for her birthday. I knew he wouldnít. She didnít say anything about it all day but I knew she was waiting. When the phone rang in the evening we both jumped. It was a wrong number. Not long after that, she decided to go to bed. It was early though. I broke down and called the only number I had for him after she went to bed. The phone rang and no one would answer. I got voice mail and left a small message. Itís a cell phone that he (or she) had with them no doubt. Iím all ought of ideas on what to do anymore. All I can say is that she is an incredible girl and itís his major loss to pass up the opportunity to be a part of her life and know who she is.

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