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2006-12-04 - 8:18 a.m.

In the city....oh, oh.
There are special people here in Yaounde that I see everyday and I have given them all names. There is “Crazy Man 1” who waits on the corner for us to drive by. When we do he starts wildly waving his arms about and doing some form of dance around and in front of our car. It scares me. Not his wild waving but the chance that we might accidentally run his dancing ass over. I do miss him on the days he’s not there.

There is “Crazy Man 2” who spends his time in another part of the city. He has on clothes that are so dirty and tattered they seemed to have grown on to him. No, that’s not the crazy part. He wears a large set of headphones that date back to the 70s. The cord dangles beside his hi, plugged into nothing. He walks with a strut as if listening to some cool tunes. Magic, I tell you.

There is “Naked Man” and “Naked Woman”. People have tried to give them clothes but apparently they prefer the wind on their skin. Naked Woman is roughly 300 pounds. Yea. They got guts though. I’ll give them credit for that.

There is a corner where the one traffic light sits and people with all sorts of handicaps sit waiting for a handout. There are at least 4 men with deformed legs who have little wheelie platforms they roll around on. There are 2 men missing and arm. There is a man who has a face that looks as though it were melting wax. There are a few blind people who have small children with them to help them beg. There is a man with a hand that seems to be eaten away by a type of fungus. It’s hard to go by that spot. Although I find “Crazy Men” and “Naked people” a bit amusing, my heart goes out to these other people. When I go to the grocery store on Sundays there is a man on a platform that waits for me. I give him money and a welcoming Bonjour Masseur, CaVa? It doesn’t make me feel special. I wish there were more I could do. It’s amazing what even a little can do to make a difference.

And last of all, there are “Pee Pee Men”. This is generalized because it’s everywhere and a lot of men. I have never once been out driving and not seen at least one man standing by the side of the road casually taking a leak. The earth is there toilet my friend and they will whip it out anywhere, anytime the need arises. You get used to it.

Well now, I’ll wrap it up for today. Tomorrow I’ll have more on Yaounde. Stay tuned.

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