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2006-11-30 - 8:53 a.m.

Itís been awhile. I have been very lax here, I see. I havenít been overly concerned since I have a total of 3 regular readers. The few others that come are googling something off the wall. But to those who keep coming for specific pics of my ex and his family, who are you and whadyawant? Nothing to see here folks so just move along.

Anywho, Iíve been busy but with nothing major that hasnít already been written about before I think. However, I will be so kind as to update since you asked so nice. Two weeks ago we went to the annual marine ball. The dress I bought didnít fit. No amount of duct taping my ta-tas was gonna make it happen either. I recycled my silver dress from the year before last. It worked out ok. I put glitter on my face and chest and pretended to be princess-cinderella-sparklyfairy-girl. The ball was ok but could have been better. The music kid of sucked for most of us since it was a lot of hip-hop and what sounded like French salsa. We want the funk, play that funky music. But they did not. And the food? It was mostly local African/French dishes that were not so good. Still, there was plenty of booze and good company.

The next day was Ems b-day party. I had me a throbbing headache but still managed to stay cheerful for the puppy-themed pizza/pool party. All the adults that came were dragging butt so I didít feel quite so bad.

For Thanksgiving we went to a friendís house with about 30 other people. We had a very nice time. Although I hate to spend holidays without my family, the people here are as close as you can get. The friends Iíve made here have been better than Iíve had in a decade. The highlight for me? I bent over and split the back of my dress right up the middle, all the way to my girdled ass. As Iíve said before, Iím totally cool like that. I hadnít even eaten any pie yet.

I have a new job now but Iím afraid itís only temporary though. I am the OMS of the Pol/Econ section. That translates to their humble secretary. I like it though because there is more to do and I see people more often. My other job had me surfing the internet for hours and playing with Google. It sounds like fun but, after a few days, not so much. Then the days turn to weeks and months etc. My boss was nice just didnít have much for me to do. So for the time being I am elsewhere. Itís good experience.

Well, that should satisfy those who are interested. Those who arenít wellÖ.pffft. Oh yea, one last thing. We found out where our next post will be. We were offered 3 different places but opted for the first one. So next fall we will be moving to wait for itÖ.wait for itÖÖ.Madrid, Spain. Yes, folks, 3 glorious years in Madrid. Weíll be sure to visit Barcelona and take the fairy over to London. Whooop Whooop! (How you like them apples, S??? What makes you think Iíd ever go back to that wasteland? Now you can chill out and be happy. Just sayin ;) )

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