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2005-05-24 - 10:05 a.m.

Last night was a lot of fun. The show was originally set up to be done outside, but less than 5 minutes into his act it started to rain. Now that was funny. One guy said ďI like the rain because it made my beer glass fuller for free.Ē Instantly everyone ran inside. We literally had to stuff into a small room but you know, the show must go on. Fred was great. His impressions were dead on and I loved Diniro, Joe Pesci, Sylvester Stallone, Redd Fox. He did so many. I havenít seen someone this good since Rich Little. But his act was hysterical. There was this one little kid in the front who kept belly laughing so loud you could hear her over everyone. She was too young to get the jokes but found this guy funny. Yes, it was my daughter Emi sitting up there. I think this guy did about 50 different people and a funny rendition of the 12 days of Christmas. What I really appreciated was that he was funny without being dirty. Not that Iím opposed to a dirty joke now and then, this was good clean fun. The slightly racy Clinton jokes went over the kidsí heads. He signed glossy picture autographs too. Now I can add it to my collection. I have that one, Julian Lennonísí and country singer Steve Warnerís. Take that Ricky Schroeder! Ha. Kidding.

I learned about the power of the wink and a co-worker of Glens bought me a drink. I was friendly and flirty and not feeling frumpy. I was on a definite roll last night. Jelly even. I ate chicken and a roll but passed on the bacon covered sausages and sauerkraut. Oh yea, like I was really going to eat it. We got to bring some whole chickens home and while sitting in the living room talking with a friend, Scooter got a hold of one of the chickensí tore of the foil and devoured it. He was whining all night. Today Iím not sure who is paying for it worse him or me. He is lying at my feet and he has the worst gas imaginable. This dogs farts are going to kill me if I continue to sit here. I just wanted to say, if you catch Fred Travelena, heís a funny guy.

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