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On moving and Sweating in Plastic suits
2005-05-27 - 10:32 a.m.

Only 3 more weeks till I leave for Calif. Woo hoo! Mama Iím coming home even if it is for only 2 months. I miss my family and I miss my home. But in the mean time I got one last catering job. I am psyched. I was feeling like my business had all but failed and then I get a call for a graduation party of 100-120 people! What a way to end my stay huh? We are doing the last bbqs and dinners with friends and just trying to figure out whatís going to go where. The problem with that is that we have so much crap lying around that we canít sell, donít want to keep, and donít want to throw away. I have been donating to organizations what I can as well but it has been a slow process. I canít really wrap my head around the fact that our time here is really almost up. Iím not sad about it. Although there have been tough times there have been some awesome ones too. But itís time to move on. Just wow, Iím moving again. I havenít seen my parents in over 2 years.

Anyway, nothing major to say but itís beautiful weather here today and I managed to pull 22 minutes on the stair stepper WITH the plastic suit on. Dying just a little bit but I did it MO FOS I did it.

And although I was disappointed that Bo didnít win I understand that ultimately itís probably better for his career to not have the Idol label tagged on him. Man I am sweating.

And one more thing, my ex hasnít called his kids in a month. Donít think they havenít noticed or been hurt by that either. Exes. Hmmph.

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