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Sausages, saurkraut, and of course Fred
2005-05-23 - 9:17 a.m.

Tonight we are going to the marine house to see comic/ master impressionist Fred Travalena perform. Since the marine house is pretty small I知 sure I値l get to meet/ talk to him for a bit. Also, we値l get sausages and sauerkraut for dinner! I知 all giddy. I致e never seen Fred perform but he痴 apparently been on a lot of shows including the Tonight Show, Letterman, Larry King and host of Evening at the Improv. Should be fun. I知 looking forward to it. I mean sauerkraut people! Who doesn稚 love them some sauerkraut? I値l post tomorrow to let everyone know how it went. If I知 not too lazy that is. But for today, I must shampoo the carpets. They smell like dog pee.

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