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2005-05-19 - 10:18 a.m.

We got back from Italy on Monday only for me to have no internet for 2 days and now, now my phone is all fuzzy from the rain. Bleh. The drive through Italy was nice. It reminded me a lot of California though. Except for there being small vineyards in everyoneís backyard and what looked like groves of olive trees perhaps. We also had to drive through 40 or so tunnels to get there. When we hit the base we decided on Taco Bell for dinner. After going a year without it can you believe they were out of freaking beans?? A Taco Bell out of beans. Go figure. At the hotel we looked out the window and saw a pool! Yea, half filled with green muck. I told the kids they could still go swimming if they wanted. Iím so nice like that.

In Italy, they drive like bats out of heck there too. There are no apparrant road rules and unlike Austria all the radio stations play mostly Italin music. Mamma mia. Some people were rude but overall they seemed nice.

We did spend a day in Venice. At the train station I had to pee so badly I couldnít stand it. Dylan and I went on a trek to find the toilets and when we did I thought it was a cruel joke. I walked in the door that said ďToilettesĒ took one look and went and checked the sign on the door again. It was only one room for both male and females with two stalls. The stall had porcelain HOLES in the ground. You pee in a hole in the ground. There is nothing to sit on so you kinda have to squat and aim. I missed and peed on the floor and my foot. Dylan just laughed in the stall next to me saying he was glad he was a boy.

What can I say to describe Venice? It is very tourist-y and a lot like Tijuana but with canals and boats. There were street cons and beggars and vendors everywhere selling carnival masks. The kids loved it though. We stopped in a small cafť to grab a bite to eat. Kelly chose spaghetti cuz you know you havenít really experienced Italy till you eat their spaghetti right? To get to the main square (I think itís San Marcos) you walk through a maze of alley ways. We passed by the infamous Bridge of Sighs (Just like ďA Little RomanceĒ) and took pictures. Itís right by an old prison. I appear to be 300 pounds in these pics so when I post pics I will probably put the one of Kel. She photographs better anyway. The main square is where all the pigeons are. I took pictures of the churches because they were awesome and of course we fed the birds. Little suckers will flock onto you literally. I spent half the time worrying about getting pooped on. We ended the day with a boat taxi back up to the train station, a round of gelatos and then home.

I also wanted to add that the day before was a hot mo fo and I needed shorts. I figured the next day would be the same so I wore shorts with no jacket and of course the weather was rainy. Good times people. And Iím sorry to say I didnít get a pic of the hole in the floor toilet. I did enjoy Italy but was glad to be back. Oh and the best thing I got? A red raincoat. Iím as happy as a little girl. I never had a rain coat before. And itís been raining here so I get to wear it complete with its red plaid lining. Iím so easily pleased. Only 1 month to go and we are out of here.

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