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Short Weekend Review (cuz I'm lazy)
2005-05-10 - 9:21 a.m.

Iím a little behind on the updates but really, nothing major here. Saturday we went to TGIFridays for a pre Moms day lunch then to a party at the marine house. The highlight of that is there is a new marine (a very hot one who hails from a beach town in Texas, rowr) who was flirting with me. He told Glen if he werenít my husband, then he wouldíve totally been trying to pick me up. Man, thatís 2 this year. He is just a pup but I love flattery in most any form. I take it when I can get it. Every girl needs a reminder that she might still ďhave itĒ even just a little.

Motherís Day I got breakfast in bed and this year the bacon was not burnt and the eggs were perfect. Go Glen! Kelly bought me a magnate from Prague (her team won all 3 games btw!), Dylan wrote me a poem about how beautiful I am (ah the eyes of a child) and Emily gave me one of those poems with her handprints. The kind that says ďto remember when I was smallĒ and of course weenie me cried. The rest of the day was spent cleaning out my closet in my room for the pre pack out survey. I found stuff I havenít seen in 2 years. I found stuff I didnít know I HAD. But such is my excitement.

Tomorrow I will be running around packing and dropping off the dogs at the sitters etc. for Thursday we are heading for a 4 day trip to Italy. We will be in Vicenza. Itís about an hour train ride to Venice from there. I have always wanted to go to Venice ever since I was a little girl and watched ďA Little RomanceĒ. I still have that movie. Anyway, we wonít be back till late Sunday. If you donít hear from me, donít fret it baby. Thereís a Taco Bell on base. Woo hoo!

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