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2005-03-21 - 1:23 p.m.

I thought about writing all about my adventures with the dentist in Hungary but you know thatís strictly dental. What I really want to talk about is sex. Thatís just an upfront warning for those in the TMI group, mmkay? Sooo, where to begin? I guess Iíll start with this whole notion of women hitting a sexual peak. Do we really and if we do, at what age? Iím told itís in the 30s but I donít really know. Iím wondering if thatís my problem here lately or if itís just because Iím on a stronger birth control pill. I have been feeling weird lately. No, not like I suddenly have this insatiable desire for sex 24/7, just different. Like men I wouldnít typically give a second thought to now look scrumptious to me. Or at least pretty darn good. I had made it into my 30s without ever wanting to watch soaps and now I watch them religiously (well, the two we get here) so that I can eyeball these men. I WANT them. I want the guys who play Jax and Nicholas on General Hospital. I want the guys who play Edward and Jonathon on Guiding Light. The Edward guy isnít even my taste at all but his obsession and need for a woman is turning me on. See what I mean? Is this my peak? I mean I wouldnít really go out and find a man but my fantasies have become more frequent.

And speaking of men that arenít my taste at all, the other night was really weird. My husband has a type of look about him that when he was younger people told him he looked just like Matthew McCoughnahey sp?, Woody Harrelson, and Sean Penn. You can see a slight resemblance of all those men in him. Well the other night we stood on the balcony looking at the stars and when I looked at him, he looked just like Christopher Walken. The weird thing? I was totally turned on. I donít know where the hell it came from. And Christopher Walken? I have never ever been even remotely interested. I used to never look at older men like that. They didnít ďdo itĒ for me I guess. I find the older I get the more I think I may have been missing out on a good thing. But Christopher Walken? As a sex symbol? No. But still, I found that he was somehow transferred into my husband and I could not get enough of that. These are strange days my friends.

On the subject of Dave Matthews, mmmm just thinking about him justÖ.oh well, won of the things about him that is such a turn on (I mean in his music) is how he tends to desire the women he sings about so much that he is willing to do anything, including beg. Now I donít know about you, but a man who wants me so bad heís begging for it has me hook line and sinker baby. And he seems to know, want and appreciate every part of a woman as well as teasing and foreplay (or so Iíd like to think). If I could have one night with anyone at all, I think it would be him. I used to say Eddie Vedder but I donít know. Seems to me that Dave has his finger on what a woman needs a little more. Itís my fantasy so shaddup.

Maybe because itís spring and the sun is out. Maybe itís my hormones or maybe I am peaking. This has come on in the last week and whoo if I donít know what to do with myself. I sound like a bored housewife donít I? Iím not saying my husband doesnít treat me right so to speak. Heís very good (even if that Christopher Walken thing was weird) and he can keep me really satisfied. I did warn you of the TMI aspect of this. So what is going on with me and why do I suddenly feel like Iím in heat? Iím peaking right? Right? Or will this too, pass? OK so I didnít really go into detail about sex per say but you get the picture right? If anyone would like to analyze me, hereís your opportunity.

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