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I Heart Dave (But I must have pissed someone off)
2005-03-20 - 9:09 p.m.

Somebody up there is making me pay. I was all excited about going to California this summer because I just KNEW that Dave Matthews would surely be coming to concert there and sure enough Iím right. The man of my deepest fantasies and desires (besides my husband of course, love ya honey) will be there this summer. Heíll be onstage singing his heart out. His husky, sensual voice will travel through the Coors Amphitheater and echo into the hills beyond. Those smoldering eyes will be glaring out toward the audience as he belts out songs of love and lust and sorrow. The violinist will rock. In fact, heíll be there August 25th, Just 3 days after I leave for Washington D.C. and then on to Africa. I could cry. Ok, so I did cry a little. I really wanted to see him again. I needed a new concert Tee too. I have worn my old one into the ground. Alas, our love on that night is not meant to be. Oh the pain. Oh the agony. Oh the drama. I think I need to go lie down and kick my feet and bang my fist and cry just a little more. Itís because Iím real grown up like that.

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