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You say vagina, I say teddy bear
2005-03-11 - 11:09 a.m.

I was thinking about nicknames we call our kids after seeing how many people (my sister included) call their little ones Boo. This reminded me of when Emily was a baby and the nickname we had for her. It started with her projectile vomiting all the time. Every time she ate, that kid puked. This went on throughout her whole first year. Not to worry, she wasn’t underweight and the pediatrician wasn’t too concerned. It was just something she did.

Anyway, every time she puked I was in baby talk mode and I’d say “oh, look, the baby pooked. Did baby pook? Yes she did! Baby did a pooky on mommy.” That’s how we started calling her Pooky. I didn’t see the harm in it since it’s well-known to Garfield fans that he has an adorable little toy bear he refers to as Pooky. No big deal and kind of cute really.

Keep in mind we lived in southern California and it is a very ethnic area. We were house hunting with a realtor who happened to be of Philippine origins. We had Emily with us and when she spit up I told the husband to “please take little Pooky” and the lady looked at us with wide eyed disbelief.

“What? What’d I say?”
“You called your baby pooky”
“Yea, that’s her nickname”
“Did you know in the Philippines the word pooky means vagina?”
“Um. No. we just call her that cuz she pukes a lot”

We left there and I said to Glen, “do you realize for the past 8 months we’ve been calling our baby vagina? Isn’t that precious?”

We still call her Pooky on occasion but she’s 5 now and I don’t want her to get a complex. Lucky we’re in Austria. I’m pretty sure that here they use an entirely different word. Maybe I can find out what the French word is just in case I have a baby in Cameroon, I’ll want a new nickname.

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