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2005-03-09 - 1:08 p.m.

This is probably going to age me a bit but for those who didnít know my song was to the tune of ďI Am a RockĒ by Simon and Garfunkel, although, thanks to Ms. Bettyalready I am now just thinking about Cheeseburgers in Paradise. Anyway, I bet you all didnít know I was so talented in the song writing department. Yea, I am THAT good at poetry too. My sister can probably attest to that. I wrote a poem about zits in Jr. Hi. I forgot it though. Too bad or you could have marveled some more at my talents. Heh.

This reminds me of one of those Stand-up comedy shows I watched once with Dana Carvey. He is really a funny guy. Too bad I donít see him anymore. Maybe itís because of that movie where he was in all those disguises. But doing stand-up he is hilarious. One of the things he was mocking was rock stars doing ballads. He did a song about broccoli. He looked like he was going to hurl but he was so dead on. Well you had to have seen it AND be old enough to remember 80s big hair bands to appreciate it. I ate broccoli for lunch today. Thatís what made me think of that. And Dana. I knew a guy named Dana in Jr. Hi. And a girl. Confusing.

I was saying before that I never got fired from McD@nalds. This is true. Even when I got caught stuffing food in my mouth in the walk-in, and even though I refused to make biscuits the way the video insisted, and I screwed around with the drive-thru intercom stuff, and I snuck free fries or burgers in bags to poor people with tons of kids that I didnít even know, they never fired me. However, I got fired from K-M@rt for missing a few days work when my kid got head lice and I got fired from a warehouse for missing two days of work because of a funeral. Clearly you can see who the bestest employer was. Iím just saying.

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