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2004-11-17 - 9:27 p.m.

It's not definate yet but looks like we are going to Cameroon. I keep thinking of a poem from The Far Side.

Africa, Oh, Africa
Under azure skies
Africa, Oh, Africa
Dang Tse Tse flies

OK I probaby spelled that wrong but you know it wasn't on spell check so deal. Anyway, yea. Cameroon. Yaounde to be more specific. That's in the "armpit" of Africa. I wanted to go to Africa but I had a different place in mind. Not to worry. Yes, this is a third world country but I think we will be fine. They set you up in a nice pad and with any luck, ours will have a pool. The only things that really bug me (ha ha BUG) are the mosquitos caring malaria and the fungus you can get if you go barefoot. I am a barefoot lovin hippy so the idea of going 2 years in shoes simply makes me shudder. Ugh. Shoes. Sweaty feet. Sigh. But there are alot of activities for the kids and what the heck, it's Africa. Kind of cool. So let's put another giraffe on the barbie! Kidding! I was freaking kidding. I love giraffe, I wouldn't eat them. Monkey, maybe. Kidding. Dang, you people have NO sense of humor.

I should know for sure in the next week or so, but so far, this looks like the place we'll go. I wonder if they have a Disneyland?

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