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Tuesday morning coffee thoughts
2004-11-16 - 10:25 a.m.

Sometimes people are mean for no good reason.
Itís best not to spend too much time trying to figure out why. You may never know.
The more I get to thinking, the less I tend to laugh.
I feel like a Garfield in a Dilbert world.
You can obsess over your weight and body image for years and still wind up fat.
I really like a lot of cheese on pretty much everything I eat.
10 or more O*eos at a time will give me the runs.
Sometimes Iím ok with myself and sometimes Iím not.
I feel like people think Iím a dipshit most of the time.
The best sex is with someone you truly love.
Youíd be surprised at how much you can really handle when youíre forced to.
Stuff is just stuff. You can replace it.
Even the most resilient kids really want to be hugged.
What it all comes down to is that itís the little, simple things that people remember most about you.
Dogs seem to be equivalent to toddlers.
Itís ok to sing like no ones listening and dance like no one is looking.
The smell of cat pee is almost impossible to get rid of.
Cold pizza and salami sandwiches are a perfectly good breakfast.
Boysí rooms have a funny ďboyĒ smell.
I get wedgies a lot and have picked my undies out of my crack in public.
Being barefoot is the most freeing thing for me, but I donít really like my feet.
Man, I miss karaoke, bad commercials, J*ck-n-the-B@x and mostly my parents.
Your husband can be your best friend.
Men like to be in charge but they also like to be babied.
I really like big cotton granny panties.
I really hope that when I die, I will have made some sort of difference.

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