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But she's got the biggest balls of them all
2004-11-15 - 8:00 a.m.

As far as my last entry, well that womanís fifteen minutes are now officially up. Iíd almost delete it but I took the time to write it down. I had lost site of what my diary is all about for me. Itís my journey, my opinions, my family etc. I try to be about the LOVE. Must let go of the negative. Yesterdayís issues caused my foot to flare up and my period to come early. That is so not good for my psyche and all.

Anyway, something that has been bothering me continues to do so and I just donít know the right way to handle it before it gets out of hand. Thereís a person that likes to flirt with the man oí the house a lot. The verbal flirting by itself is not too bad. But I feel there is a line and it just may have been crossed more than once. She has touched him. A lot. Trying to hold hands and stuff. There is so much more but I fear that too many people that just donít belong on my diary would have a good old time reading the details. I may write it out and lock that entry. Weíll see. I thought that I was being the jealous insecure type but I dunno. I feel like there are some things you just donít do to another persons spouse. Doing it right in front of me doesnít make me feel better rather, like you think Iím such a shmuck that you can do it in front of me and I wouldnít know the difference.

OK, on a happy note, Kelly got back from the soccer tournament in Germany on Saturday. They came in first place. Yea those MS girls really kicked some soccer butt. I kind of felt sorry for them knowing they had to play in uniform (shorts and long sleeve) in the SNOW. Yea, can you believe that? It's a wonder they didn't all get pnemonia. Kelly got called out twice for being too aggressive against the other team. Knocked a girl down even. Itís funny if you knew her. This is a girl who used to be as passive as a bunny. In soccer, sheíd just sort of stand there. Now that girl can play. But the girls placed first and got the trophy. I wish I coulda been there to see her play. Itís kind of hard to go see a game when itís in another country though.

Speaking of another country, I still donít know where weíll end up. The woman who is choosing for us seems to have a personal issue with us. The fact that weíre coming from Vienna seems to only qualify us to live in some sort of cesspool where my kid could get a weird disease if she falls and scrapes her knee. Iím a little nervous about that whole ordeal. Keep you fingers crossed that we at least get Lusaka, Africa. That place would be better then oh say, taking my kids to Afghanistan.

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