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2004-11-14 - 8:00 p.m.

So the topic of the day is Holly. Holly is a woman who went to a blog to offer unsolicited advice to someone. People got mad at her. They called her names. All she wanted to do was be helpful to this person for the future. She really only had their best interests at heart. Even if she seemed a little cruel and was asked to stop, she persisted because really, Holly is nice. She was blocked away from posting there again. I, however, have invited Holly over to my domain in hopes that she might read all my inner most thoughts and beliefs and critique them for me. Maybe help me see the error of my ways. Guide me toward the light, down the path of righteousness. I am totally clueless to the ways of the world and really need a 3rd party or a total stranger, if you will to be subjective and help to properly guide me to make the right life choices. Holly is really smart too. She uses Google. I am confident that she will have all the answers. So when she gets here (and I hope it's real soon as I am a wreck) I want to say hi, and welcome.

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