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2004-11-11 - 3:49 p.m.

The lady that's supposed to pick a post for us out of the 25 places we listed said we are being unreasonable with our list. She wants us to go to some 3rd world country whose name I've never even heard of. Places with high crime and bad water and barely any medical. I coulda stayed in CA. for that. pfft. Wouldn't be so bad if it were just Glen and I but I have 3 children to consider.I need to make sure they'll be ok first and foremost. I wasn't expecting to get Sydney but I'm more than a little bit concerned at the thought of Abidjan, Jeddah, Khatoum, Tashkent, or Tbilisi. That last one I can't even pronounce. We are arguing it out to at least go to New Dehli (sp?) so now I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and wait and see.

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