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I'm Taken What They're Giving, Cuz I'm Workin' For A Livin'
2004-04-26 - 10:40 a.m.

I have a job interview today. It's not the job I really wanted but I just found out I'm not qualified for the other one since this is my first post. I lack overseas experience. This is such a bummer because I really wanted that particular job. It was a Community Liasions job and had the promise of being a lot of fun for me. Plus I would've gotten to go on all the cool trips with the excuse that "It's My Job". The job I am interviewing for today is simply a Visa applications assistant. I don't know how it'll turn out but I think it's a good possibilty I'll get it. That is, if my nerves don't act up and I start barking and twitching in the middle of the interview. Damn. OK so I am a little nervous. On the bright side, there is a Sub*Way less then a block from the consulate. I love the goodness that is Sub*Way. I'll be like Jarod (from the commercials) in 6 months. I think I am counting my chickens or sandwiches before they hatch. If this job doesn't pan out, there is always the mailroom. I know I could get that job, no sweat. I have the whole mail experience down from my college days. And, and, and, I could still wear my jeans. Either way, it's time to get into the ol work force once again.

Friday night we went out to this hip restaraunt/micro-brewary with Glens co-workers. They are a fun bunch so it was a nice time. The foot high glasses of german beer helped lighten the mood a bit as well I'm sure. We sat outside (cuz it's hip I'm sure) and it was a nice evening. I got to know some of his friends better and had Viennas version of a chicken salad. It wasn't bad except for the dressing that was more like flavored milk poured over it. AND did I mention the foot high glasses of German Beer? Yea, I had 3 or 4. We stayed out there until it started to rain. Actually it rained lightly for awhile but we were kind of buzzed so that was just part of the ambiance. When it was pouring, THAT was our cue to go.

I am supposed to go see Thunder From Down Under (the touring Austrailian Strippers woo woo!) next weekend with a girl I know and some of her friends. I hope they get ahold of me to go. Nothing like buff men dancing around in undies to liven up an otherwise dull night, I always say. Well, I guess it's time to go shower and put on some girly clothes and make-up. Wish me luck.

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