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2004-04-19 - 9:55 a.m.

My pants are so damn tight that I canít hardly breath but damn it, I got these babies on! I bought them 5 months ago. I couldnít get them up past my thighs. Today, I am sitting in them. Ok so they are pushing my extra flesh up to my armpits, but again, they are on! I have been so sick for weeks that I am just tired of it. I have been hacking up chunks of my lung for over a week and I think I have completely let go of my left lung. Thatís the one thing I hate about myself. When I get sick I stay sick for long periods of time. It has kept me from walking the vineyards for over a week. Although my legs have been holding a secret party because of that, the rest of me is not happy. I have this goal of dropping 30 pounds by the end of July. Will I do it? Must. Put. Down. The. Cheet-ohs.

We had the family we are sponsoring over yesterday. As I have said, they are from So, Cal. Too and have that quirky, carefree attitude that I connect with. Although they are very over zealous and wanting to connect and be good friends, I can relate. I think itís how we were when we first got here and that might have put people off. I know how these people feel now so I try to be encouraging. We took them for a walk up the trails to this little restaurant we know of and had some beer and schnitzel and cordon bleu. The beer made the walk back much easier. The husband is a little flirty but I think it is just part of his personality. A little healthy dose of jealousy for my hubby is a good thing. Keeps him on his toes and makes him give me that extra attention I crave every now and again.

The view out of my window is beautiful. All the different shades of green are sprinkling about the trees. I love it. That is why from here, everything look so green.

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