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I may not have a job but, at least I have my smile
2004-04-28 - 12:25 p.m.

The interview was great so I thought. This was for the Visa applications assistant. This is not areally difficult job. I was sitting there so full of confidence and so pleased that my Tourettes didn't start acting up and cause me to bark at my interviewers. Maybe I was a little too confidant. Maybe, when they asked if I was able to work with people under stress I should have never said, "Hell, I worked at K-M*rt in Southern California during the holidays". They took me on a tour of the place. They made me think I HAD it. I am a moron. They called me at 8:30 AM the next morning to say "Uh thanks but, no thanks".

My next shot is the mailroom. I could totally do that though. I could be like the GodFather of the mail. "You do me favahs, I do you favahs, Capice?" And everyone would have to love me as I would be the keeper of the mail. I'll find out about that job in another 2 weeks or so. We'll see.

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