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2004-04-01 - 9:48 p.m.

So, along with the Weight Blasters meetings, I have taken up these power walks with a few other women in the neighborhood. They like to walk the vineyards at 6 am in the morning. The hills are steeper than any street in San Francisco and it is still chilly out. Oh and it is 6 am. These women are masochists, I swear! Yesterday, I was out and pumped up, ready to roll. After a flight of 200- odd stairs and a couple of hills I was about 20 feet behind. I was sweating from head to toe, my eyeballs were watering, nostrils flaring, and I was panting like a dog in the summer heat. Every so often the women would stop and look back at me with pity in their eyes.

“Do you need to turn around?”

“No, I’m good (wheeze, puff) really, I’ll catch up”

And I kept the chanting of the ‘little blue fish’ in my head.

“What do we do? Just keep walking, just keep walking.”

Did I mention these women are in their 40s??? Yea, and here I am a decade younger and about as in shape as a tub of Jell-o pudding. But I kept on trucking and occasionally wiping my nose on my sleeve. At one point we had walked so far that I asked if we would be hopping the bus back. They laughed. I wasn’t kidding man. I forgot to put on my good walking shoes. I thought if my nostrils flared any further a small bird would fly in and start a springtime nest. Well, suffice to say, I did it. I was last in line so to speak but I did it.

Then I came home took 4 aspirin and a muscle relaxer and climbed into a hot bubble bath. My calves and feet were throbbing and calling me not-so-nice names. My calves are still in pain today. Tomorrow, I get up and do it all over again. I am so jazzed.

Today was my second meeting with Weight Blasters and I managed to lose 0 pounds after a week of salads and torturing myself physically. Yay! I even got a certificate that said I lost 0 pounds. Stupid scale.

And finally, I applied for two different positions at the Embassy. One is in the CLO office (Community Liaisons Office) and the other is as an escort, No, not THAT kind of an escort. Nasty. Wish me luck that I get one of them. It would mean more money and a chance to get out of the house instead of sitting and eating all day. I have a better chance as the escort but I’m kind of hoping for the CLO position. It’s sad, though, that my last job was a cashier at K-Mart back in the mid- 90s. Anyway, I seek change!

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