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Da Na na na na na, You Say It's Your Birthday!!
2004-03-28 - 10:39 a.m.

I made this Teddy Bear “Ships Ahoy” cake for Dylan’s 10th birthday which was Friday. I got the recipe from Womans Day, I believe. I'd like to say that I am personally really creative but I'm not really. A friend of ours was having a big beach theme party at her house and suggested we come over there and celebrate. It turned out to be great. Everybody wore beach garb and the adults had margaritas. It was a Parrot head party and lots of Jimmy Buffet tunes were playing. We had a “beach” area that was a kiddy pool filled with sand and an umbrella propped in it. It was so great considering it was snowing outside. There were many platters of tropical dips and shrimp and burritos. All the children were downstairs playing pinball on their full-size machine. I wished I could’ve played.

I was looking at the hostess’ art on the wall and I recognized it instantly. She had an original John Lennon drawing of him and Yoko and Sean. She said she paid about 2 grand for it over 15 years ago. Imagine what it’s worth now!

Dylan had between 50 and 60 people belt out Happy Birthday to him and the cake was devoured. He will be having his party next week. It’ll be at the Tropicana, which is an indoor water park of sorts. He is really looking forward to it. I might even swim myself. We gave him two gifts for his b-day; a remote control Porsche that honks and the headlights work, and School of Rock DVD. He’s already watched it 3 times. It’s ok with me. I like Mr. Black. Mmmhmm.

I have some sort of throat virus/head cold that I caught over the weekend. I hate that, plus the snow on the ground. It’s just sucky. I guess I’ll take a nap, but for your viewing pleasure, the CAKE. Hey, it was my first attempt.

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