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2004-02-27 - 3:46 p.m.

I have had so much that I have wanted to write down but everything seems to disappear once I sit here and attempt to write it. The last entry, the big 101st entry was to be Kellyís debut. She wrote all about Mommy Dearest though. But I swear I Never hit her with hangers! I only use shoes and brushes. Only kidding.

This past week the kids have been out of school foe ski week. I have kind of been stuck in the blahs. Families are going skiing everywhere. I think we are the only ones to sit home for the week. Itís just as well because money is tight this week due to getting our truck fixed and registered here in Austria. But still, it wouldíve been nice to be asked. My friend next door is going with another family. They never go out with us family with family. I mean she doesnít mind hanging out with me at home or for shopping but for all the BIG trips they go with other couples and families. Sigh. I just donít get people sometimes.

I feel like I was thrown into the Real Life Game of Grown-up Land. The problem is I donít seem to know the rules and my game piece came from Adolescent Land Game so it doesnít seem to fit. I donít know how you are supposed to form close bonds with people when they are in a certain mind set. For every three spaces I move forward, I lose a turn. When I get lucky enough to get a Chance card or Community Chest, it says to go straight to the hole you crawled out of and do not pass Go or Pay some sort of Dork tax. Iím just frustrated I guess. When Iím thrown in with a group of people and I want so desperately to fit in, I want it to be more than one-dimensional. There isnít anything wrong with that is there?

On top of that, I never did mention here that when we took the cat and got him ďfixedĒ it turned out he only had one ..umÖtesticle to remove. It seems the other one is neatly tucked up in his guts somewhere still pumping kitty testosterone through his system. We had to keep him in doors to heal and he managed to pee all over every room on the second floor. He peed on Emiís toys, on all the kidsí clothes, and on my beloved photographs tucked in a nice box in my closet. He peed here and there. The damn cat peed everywhere. I do not like it, this I know, I do not like it, and the cat must go. OK, how did I go from whiney, nobody likes me, to freaking Dr. Seuss? Well, they say writing is therapeutic

So we were informed that if we want the rest of the surgery performed on the cat it would cost us 250 euro. We just spent 70 for the first whack at it. Pun sort of intended. And I asked the vet that if he only did half the job shouldnít it cost half the price? But they said no. Well, the other day, I found this terrier puppy in the pet store that was a little white fluff ball. He is 8 weeks old and I fell in love. And guess how much he costs? 250 Euro. Iím in such a dilemma. Although we may be able to find a good home for the cat and the puppy may not even be there by payday next week. In which case I guess weíd deal with Mr. Pissy.

Also, I have been having some serious issues with my ex but he isnít even aware. Why? Not because he doesnít pay child support (he hasnít in 6 months now), not because he hasnít called his kids in a month nor made any attempts to, not because the woman he lives with is a huge loser who doesnít work and is some sort of psycho, not because he doesnít work either, but, because Iím supposed to pay to take the kids to see him in the ever tropical tourist attraction of Oklahoma this summer. The kids are too young to fly from Europe to the states on there own, so I have to accompany them. This means buy my ticket, rent a car for 2 weeks and get a hotel and eat while Iím there. Not my choice of a vacation really. And it is pricey. I would think the least he would do is contact me but nope. Yes, I have issues. So many issues I could run my own Magazine stand. One more thing to deal with, I suppose.

Well, I need to do something to get out of this little funk I seem to be in. Itís a bad hair day and all the jeans that fit me are dirty. Iím nervous and my socks are too loose.

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