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2004-02-23 - 3:58 p.m.

Today my mom asked me if I would write am entry for her diary today and I said yes. I guess I should write whatís going on with my life so far here in Vienna. Well here I go. Today my mom went on this psychopath-screaming rampage on my brother and I. It started out that the neighborsí went away to Vilsek for three days and asked us if we would watch their dog. See, my brother loses EVERYTHING that doesnít belong to him and he lost their remote to their garage. Obviously that gets my mom pretty mad. She yelled at Dylan and I for about thirty minutes saying how embarrassing this would be if the neighborsí found out and that we would have to sit and explain to them how we lost their garage remote. Luckily I found it and that cooled my parents down some. That was just today.

On Friday night I had went to one of my friendís disco birthday party. It was a pretty big place a lot bigger than where the discos usually are. Anyway I had my cell phone in my back pocket and it kept flying out of my pocket on to the ground where the cover would come off. So I went to the place where the owner was keeping my purse and put my cell phone in there. I didnít know until the end of the party that my dad had called me about three times. When I was walking out of the disco to go take the public transportation home my dad had called and was yelling at me that he was lost and he had no idea where he was and that I was grounded. When I got home my dad AND mom were screaming at me that I had not responsibility and that I shouldíve called them before I put my phone away. I had told them that I was going to take public home and when I told my mom this she thought that I was lying and that I never told her I was taking public home. So I got grounded from the phone and I canít go anywhere with my friends until Tuesday. Iíve been stuck in this house for that last two days not being able to do anything but watch TV. I have been screamed out.

I have had a lot happening in school. I have my science fair project, which is a huge project that needs to be done before March 1st; I have to read five chapters in J.R.Rís The Hobbit which is due March 2cd, and I have a big math quiz coming up. Tryouts for the spring softball team is coming up and I have no idea how that is going to work since it has been snowing all day today and it suppose to snow some more. There are also some kids from my school who donít understand how much it bothers me that people from different cliques are making fun of each other. They donít understand how the other kids feel and it really gets on my last nerves. For all they know they could be sitting in their rooms at night crying about how much people make fun of him or her. HmmmmÖ. Well I better stop I hoped you liked this entry written by yours truly


OK loyal readers, on a side note I just want to point out that yes, this weekend has had its moments. Yes, I tend to lose it with my kids every now and then and I wanted Kelly to write how she felt. I told her that she is allowed to be open and honest and so she was. I do love my children very much and when my 12 year old daughter who is built like a 16 year old wants to take public transpo home with her friends on a friday night, I get REAL nervous. At any rate, Kelly wanted me to point out that she does love us and says we have our good points but that stuff was building up. I encourage her no matter what.


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