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100% pure snow!!!
2004-02-28 - 10:33 a.m.

There was a new fresh fallen snow Monday night so Tuesday, we decided to take the kids for a little sledding. There were only a few little glitches in this great idea of mine. The first being, “Hello! I’m over weight and completely out of shape!” There are these mighty nice and steep (Lord help me!) trails to walk up. It felt like hiking Mt. Everest. OK so they are smaller than that but for me? I was huffing and puffing and wheezing my way up. My eyes watered, my nose was runny and every 5 minutes there was this really whiney “Are we there yet???” then Glen told me to shut up. I decided to sit and rest at some point and remembered that snow turns into water when it is melting under a plus-size butt. I was wearing blue jeans.

When we did make it to the wondrous hill of snow and possible death I wanted a nice chair to sit in. But no, I had to climb yet another hill in 8 inches of fresh snow. When I got as close to the top as I was going to get I plopped my butt in the blue, plastic, disc I started to re-think this plan. But my son was watching and urging me on. C’mon Mom! So off I went and suddenly turned around backwards and did a fun little flip. I just lay there for a minute or two till oh yea, snow = melted cold water. So I hopped or rather rolled back on and really started to go. As the disc sped up, so did the fine spray of snow in my face and up my nose. I was going SNOW blind. I had a sudden flash of my whole life before my eyes. Would I break any bones? Would I live? I couldn’t see and my heart was palpitating like nobody’s business. Whee. When I landed at the bottom, I just lay there again. So this is all the fun I’ve been missing out on huh? Then, kid comes up to me with a runny nose, wet clothes and a big grin.

“Hey Mom! Did you like it? Pretty cool huh?”

“Yea, cool but, I think that will be my only trip. Gotta conserve energy, ya know?”

I figured as long as I’m lying there I ought to get the full affect of the snow. I made an Angel. And it was a good one too. When I got up I was soaked and decided a really good idea would be to go home and have some nice hot Swiss White Chocolate coffe from International Coffees and think about that café and Jean-Luc.

Everyone went on ahead of me as we walked down a new set of trails. Everything was so white, I pondered whether or not heaven would look something like this or not. There was that stillness in the air that only snow seems to bring. Every couple of minutes I could hear a bird sing breaking the silence in a charming little way. Yea, everything was white and fluffy and still and God-like. I gotta give the big guy credit. He sure has a knack for beauty.

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