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2004-02-18 - 9:44 a.m.

Suddenly, another snowstorm. Just like that. And my cat ran away like 5 days ago. I wanna be an angsty teen again. Instead, I am just a slim-fast gulping, pig-tail wearin', Dave Matthews lovin', 32 year old in work out clothes with no desire to actually work out. AND did I mention my damn cat ran away????

Well it sho is snowin

my cat ran away

the wind is a blowin

not a workout kinda day

I want me some nachos

I wnat them real bad

Intead I'm suckin down a stupid vanilla slim-fast with a lousy banana in it that really sucks if ya know what I mean, and Im feelin

so sad

Cuz I got them

diets suck and my cat ran away


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