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2004-02-20 - 10:53 a.m.

Well, here it is, the big 100th entry. I really should write in here more often. Since this is most definitely a special occasion I will try to honor it with a special entry because you all know that *I* am a special person.

First of all you will be happy to know that after a week of being on the prowl, our darling cat decided to come home. So, to celebrate the occasion we decided to have him neutered. I gave him a special dinner of fancy, mushy, spoiled kitty, feast and lots of extra lovins’. And today he went on a scenic drive with me to the vets in a little kitty carrying case. The whole ride there he kept doing his little Re-oow cry that signified that he was not enjoying this lovely ride he was going for.

It’s just that, we have had him for 6 months now. He comes and goes as he pleases. He stays away for days at a time then, only shows up for food and a place to crash till he’s ready to party again. We felt so…so…used. We wanted a pet for our children and a friend for me. We have never had a cat so for those of you who say “But it’s a CAT.” Well, we were kind of hoping a cat was something like a dog. It was bad enough that Mr. Bandit decided to poo slimy fancy-mushy-spoiled kitty-feast, poo all over the children’s dirty laundry this morning. I think he figured if he ticked me off enough I would send him outside. I know he never bargained on kitty-castration so, I’m guessing he won’t be so quick to pull a stunt like THAT again. I do however, expect him to give me the evil cats eye for a few days.

Maybe we’ll throw a party when he gets home. Shape his food like a little mouse or something. I’ll make him a mini party hat to wear and take pictures. He will be sucking the life out of me once I go to sleep. “Celebrate THAT, lady! Meerow.”


We went to the Millennium Mall last night. Kelly is going to a party at a disco for the daughter of the Ambassador of Mexico. She’ll be 12. Yea, they rented a bus to pick up all the kids from the school that are attending the part and whisking them off to a discotheque for 4 hours of boogie-oogie-oogie till the just can’t boogie no more. OK, so they are 12 and probably won’t exactly boogie but, whatever. Anyway, we went to the mall so that Kel could pick up a gift for her.

I thought that while I was there I would see if I couldn’t find an ear-piercing place. Kelly was talking about wanting a second set of holes in her lobes. As luck would have it, there was a place right next door to the New Yorker where Kelly was shopping for her little friend. I went in and inquired about the price and it turned out to be relatively cheap. Emily was with me and when she heard “ear-piercing” her eyes grew wide and lit up. “Mom”, she whispered, “Can I get my ears pierced too? Pleeeeease??”

“Emi, I think you are little young for that, don’t you?”

I know full well that that kid is 4 going on 14 but I wasn’t about to let HER know that I knew that.

“I’m not too young. Mom, please?”

“OK”, I sighed, “but you have to know that it will hurt a little. They use an ear-piercing gun and it stings for a few minutes, kinda like getting a shot. Are you up for that?”

“Yes, I can do it.”

And she was so eager to do it before I changed my mind that she jumped up in the chair and pulled her hair back. The woman chuckled and told her she need to pick the earrings she wanted first. She went for the gold studs “so I’ll look rich”. I have no idea where she gets this stuff from. The woman marked her ears and then picked up the gun. The first POP took Emi by surprise. Since she insisted she was big and brave she didn’t want to let on that it hurt. Her eyes got round and her little mouth started to curl down in a frown. Her lips quivered as she tried not to frown but it wasn’t working. I stood next to her and she placed her head on my chest while the woman did her other ear. She didn’t make a sound. But there was no hiding the frown now. Her Daddy picked her up but she wanted down.

“What’s wrong, Emi?”

I knew she was afraid to answer for fear of disappointing us. I don’t know why but that’s how that kid is. She cast her eyes down to the floor and in a hardly audible whisper said, “That hurt.”

I chuckled as I picked her up and told her I knew how it hurt and that it was ok, she was very, very, brave. She let a couple of quiet tears flow now because she realized that would be ok too. Her Dad took her to the mirror and showed her the new look. With tears running down her cheeks and her little ears throbbing, she looked in the mirror and slyly smiled at her reflection.

Today she insisted on having her hair in a ponytail so that she could show her new jewelry off.


I finished Hollywood Divorces last week. That was such a fun book to read. Almost like reading one big Enquirer story. I like to switch back in forth between heavy and light reading to give my blonde-headed brain a break. I remember reading Hollywood Wives like 20 years ago and Rock Star about 15 years ago and I had liked them so I had to jump on this. Of course it was fun reading so it didn’t take me long to read. Last night, I started on The DaVincci Code. I think I will enjoy that one too. I need to stop rushing through books though, or I will run out of stuff to read. I still have East Of Eden and some true Crime books left but at the rate I’m going they’ll be finished in a couple of weeks.

I have lost 6 pounds this week from the new way of eating I have come up with. Notice, I didn’t use the word diet? Yea it’s not a diet it’s a new way to eat. Sounds cooler dontcha think? And it’s going pretty well. Of course I think I just lost 6 pounds of water weight I peed out but still. 6 pounds! Whoo! AND Go me!

In a couple of weeks it’ll mark a year that we have lived in Vienna, Austria. It is so strange how the time flies. I still have a year and a half left but I know I am going to miss this place when I’m gone. I still have so much I need to do and see before then. I’m hoping for a weekend trip to Paris in the spring with my other half. Ro-man-tic. Till next time, let’s all hug the special people in our lives, huh?

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