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2004-02-06 - 11:35 a.m.

OK this is attempt number 2. I friggin hate when I have a decent entry about halfway done and my finger taps a wrong button and BAM all is lost. Ugh. So now that I don't feel like writing all that stuff all over again I guess I'll give the shortened version. My 4th grader and my 6th grader have a set amount of chores to do each day that I believe are age appropriate, to teach them cleanliness and responsibility. If done daily each childs set would take no more than 25 minutes. It's only sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and taking out the trash pretty much. In return I agreed to give them 10 euro a week (over 12 US dollars) they agreed. In the past week not only have they not been doing their said chores but adding to the mess. Their Dad is not here to be the enforcer and I feel like that are totally taking advantage of the sitution. They let the trash go till it is overflowing. They aren't wiping up spills, putting dishes in the sink or pretty much anything. For 2 days I asked nicely and tried to keep good natured. By day 3 I was aggitated and it was apparant. I griped that they weren't doing any of the chores but expecting to get paid. I griped that they are old enough to do these chores without being reminded, I griped that they were taking advantage of Dad not being here. I told them they needed to do their part and help to keep things running smoothly. I gave a mini lecture about what I expected and what they needed to be doing. For good measure I even threw in 1 or 2 when I was a kid stories. They said they would do their work no problem. One of them took out the trash.

I thought all would go well now. Pfff. Day 4 they did nothing and opted to do school projects last minute and play outside and on the computer. My son decided he no longer felt homework was necessary either. Day 5 I opted for a cleaning lady. The 2 that I called had BOTH fell through last minute.

This time I lost it. I asked all week and got no response. I talked nicely at first. Then I lectured. Now I was screaming. It is getting ridiculous. Then I went into an hour long lecture in hopes that it would get in their heads what I expect. Day 5 they cleaned up the whole 1st floor in under an hour. They thought a maid would be coming so they did it. And a good job. In under an hour. Which means the assigned chores would take 10 minutes tops to do. I kind of made me feel like crap.

Day 6 and this morning, I asked Kelly as a parent, what would he like me to do to get her to respond? She said I need to stop yelling and lecturing on and on. I thought about it and thought of how I got no response when I asked them, nor when I told them, nor when I dangled money. I got no response when I griped and gave a mini lecture. I threw a major fit and they clean.

I hate being angry but I am. I hate yelling but I do. Sometimes I just wanna pop the little monsters upside the head.

I'm not sure whats left to do. I mean, I clean the rest of the house myself. I do all their laundry and wash and fold it. I give them privelages and chances. I don't know what's next. But they have done me in this past week. Any suggestions out their from anyone with kids age 10 and up will be welcomed. Otherwise, I may just hide in my room in a huddled up ball, rock back and forth and chant crazy words.

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