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2004-02-05 - 11:04 a.m.

I knew this was going to be "one of those days" before I even got out of bed this morning. I read "I Know This Much Is True" last night until about 1 am. It was supposed to make me sleepy when I started at 10 but, it's such a damn good book I was like the energizer bunny and just kept going and going. When I finally did go to sleep, I woke up 3 times to go pee. I just love nights like that. Then, when I woke up this morning, I swore the clock read 5:35. I turned over for a minute, I swear it had to have been, then thought, I'll call Glen and talk to him before he goes to bed. I sat up, turned on the light, and grabbed the phone to call VA. As I was doing this, I glanced at the clock which now read 6:52. Now how the heck did that happen. So it was too late to call. Damn.

I got up and took a shower and sang in one of my best kareoke style voice. This mornings picks were Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' by Journey and Ironic by Alanis Morriset. I'm sure my neighbors love me.

My hair wouldn't flip right when I tried the gel, flip, blow-dry thing because I am not co-ordinated with a big stupid hairdryer and a big stupid twirly brush. What a pain in the butt. So one side of my hair is pointing towards the sky and the other is nice a flat. I'm an amature ok? Gel, flips, brushes. Bah. I was late getting the kids off to school, I lost my ATM card for the second time this week, and my house is a huge mess 3 days before "the man" is due home. Since I lost my stupid atm card I had to cancel my Bible study thing (this was to be my first day) to drive all the way to the Embassy to cash a check.

On the way to the pre-school, I was listening to an old Carly Simon song and I just started bawling. Polizei were next to me at a light watching me sob away as I belted out "Coming Around Again". No doubt they thought I was nuts. Emily din't though, she was too busy trying to out-sing me because she loves that song. Why was I crying? Know reason in particular. Maybe some hurt from once upon a time the was stirred up, or maybe I'm just a teensy bit hormonal.

So after I dropped her off, I went to the Bank and cashed a check. The exchange rate sucks mightily at the moment. To get 200 euros, it cost me 256.97 US dollars. I groan everytime I go there. I decided to grab some eggs and coffee in the Chancery and they waaaay overcooked my "overEASY eggs". Once again I sighed. I ate my breakfast and as I sat there, drinking coffee, I looked out the window thinking how idiotic it was to be sitting there staring out the window. Why didn't I bring a magazine or a paper of sorts to glance at while I sipped coffee? Then the sitting there would've seemed to have a bit of purpose. Besides, the view from the Chancery window is kind of sucky.

Then I was off to the OSCE to pick up my mail. The shoes from Payless came in. I thought, well Kelly will be so happy. She saved up her allowance to get this 25 dollar pair of shoes. That's alot from just Payless. She had been asking me everyday if the shoes had come. I knew she'd be pleased. When I got home and opened the box, my dress shoes and Mary Janes were in there but Kellys coveted pink and gray Airwalk Suede Skate shoes were not. The receipt said Out of Stock but they still charged 24.99 for them. And in all this time they never sent me an e-mail informing me that the said shoes would not be in the box. Kelly will be crushed now. Thanks a freakin lot Payless. Now my kids going to be all disappointed and you didn't even WARN me.

I have to go shopping at 2 different stores across town from each other today, get Emily from school, help Dylan with his mobile, make dinner and try to manage 10 hours worth of cleaning into 2. Bleh. On the bright side? The weather is up to about 58 to 60 degrees feels like. I'm a marshmallow, but I'm an OPTIMISTIC marshmallow.

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