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2003-12-29 - 8:23 p.m.

I just read a journal where the girl is pregnant again. It'll be baby number 4. Number 3 was born last year. I think that would be a little to overwhelming for me. Although, when I read the news, I felt more than a twinge of jealousy. When I gave birth to Emily 4 years ago we talked about trying for the 4th and our last baby, when Em turned 3.

Well, things happen and off we moved. I know that at my current weight which is waaay too much for me it would not be a good idea for me. Too many health issues involved. I keep telling myself once I lose the weight, then the time will be right. But we have an SUV that only seats 5. We have a ways to go before that old thing is paid off. There would be no room for any additions.

Not to mention, I'm in my 30s and not getting any younger so I don't know. Emily will be 5 next year and off to kindergarten. I wonder if I will really want to start all over again with diapers and middle of the night feedings, colic, and so on.

Of course I know how quickly time passes and babies don't stay babies very long. I dont know. Maybe one day I will be sure and the time will be right. I'm thinking Sydney for a girl and Gavin for a boy. Maybe next year.

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