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2003-12-26 - 8:52 a.m.

Things About Christmas That Made Me Happy:

1. The Santa Claus thing worked perfectly. Buck played the part of Santa. Heh. Emily thought it was a wonderful dream at first, then Kelly told her, "No, I woke you up, he was there."

2. The kids were all very pleased with their gifts and this year, I didn't go overboard on them.

3. I got all 25 of my Christmas cards out on time for everyone to receive them this year.

4. I made an assortment of Holiday cookies that I gifted up for all of my neighbors.

5. I played a very nice hostess to my in-laws.

6. Christmas Carolers came to my door Christmas Eve. They sang a song about Santa being to fat to the tune of "Jingle Bells"

7. I got to wish most all my family in the States a Merry Christmas on the phone.

8. I got a pretty glass ornament at a Christmas Market. It's shaped like a star and hand painted.

9. We went to the Ambassadors Christmas Party.

10. We spent Christmas Eve at a party at my neighbors house that was really quite elegant and the gluvine kept flowing.

11. My in-laws gave me crystal wine glasses for 8 that they bought in Budapest. And these beautiful Lenox holiday glasses with Holly berries and leaves and gold rims.

12. Glen gave me a game for my computer. It's CSI: Crime Investigation and it is so cool. It has all the characters from the show and their voices. You are given crime scenes and using forensic science must solve the crime. I love stuff like that.

13. I got Glen a hat and scarf and slippers and some dress shirts and a tie. But he was happy.

14. I made the Charles Dickenson Classic Holiday dinner. It was a medium rare roast, green beans in a light sauce with tomatoes and toasted almonds, rice with gravy, and yorkshire pudding. I baked an apple pie for dessert.

15. I heard the sounds of my childrens laughter ringing through the halls all evening.

16. Everyone was exhausted and in bed by 9.

17. I have lost 10 pounds over the past 2 weeks.

Ok now for The Things About Christmas That DID NOT Make Me Happy:

1. I didn't get the chance to see the look in Emilys eyes when she saw Santa.

2. Some of the gifts the kids got they can't use just yet due to the voltage/plug difference.

3. This was to be my first white Christmas and it didn't snow.

4. I did not receive a single Christmas card from anyone.

5. Once I gave all the holiday cookies out to the neighbors, there weren't any left for here.

6. I wasn't able to get anything nice for my in-laws.

7. I wish I could've gotten something besides a hat and scarf for my husband.

8. I would have much rather had my family in the states here with me then just talking to them on the phone.

9. I also was given the gift of the flu and a fever of 102.5 on Christmas Eve that had me barfing and coughing a burning up.

10. I got to stay at my neighbors elegant party for about 15 minutes. Then I went home and threw up gluvine.

11. My fever was up to 103 Christmas Day. Every time I coughed I simultaneously wet my pants.

12. I had to have my mother in law finish making the dinner. I didn't even get to see how it all looked on the table. I heard it was very good though. They wiped out the Yorkshire pudding so I didn't even get to taste leftovers.

13. I was such a mess by 6 oclock I had to go take a bath to bring my fever down and go to bed.

14. I heard the laughter of my children through a closed door while I was in and out of consciousness. I wanted to cry because I couldn't be there to share it. I was too weak to cry so I just hacked up a lung and wet my pants.

15. I passed this lovely illness on as my gift, to everyone else. Glen is in bed now hacking chunks of his lungs.

16. My in-laws left this morning. I didn't get to do half of what I wanted to with and for them.

17. I lost 10 pounds due to being sick.

So that sums up my holidays. As you can see, it had its ups and downs. However, I think it was pretty good for everyone overall. I enjoy the spirit of the holidays and the way it brings everyone closer together. I love the childrens excitement and anticapation when they go to bed on Christmas Eve. They were so pleased in the morning with their gifts as well. And talk about ambiance? I had it baby. I had, a fire in the fireplace, the soft glow of Christmas lights, holiday scented candles lit, and Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole crooning holiday tunes on the stereo. We had wine as well (not for the kids). Ambiance. But now that all the work is done and the guests have left I think it is time for me to take it easy.

I hope that everyones holidays whatever they may be and however way you celebrate them are all that you hope them to be. Celebrate what you have and who you are with and try to make it last. God Bless You.

Happy Holidays

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