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I won't be singing for your entertainment this evening
2004-01-01 - 9:37 p.m.

It snowed all day yesterday. Well, at least I am glad I finally got the snow I'd been waiting for. Wouldn't it figure it came on the last day of the year. Still, it made for a nice New Years Eve. After being cooped up in this house for a week being sick, I finally got dressed and went out to enjoy the snow. It was evening already but I didn't care. The kids and I bundled up, and out we went. One of the neighbors was shooting off some fireworks in his yard so we went over there to see a little mini show. It continued to snow all evening.

I am nothing more than a huge kid sometimes and last night was one of them. I made the traditional angel in the snow and had the joy of being the first to tromp through the fresh fallen snow in the back yard. I always loved that. There was always something exciting about being the first to set my tracks in virgin snow, then glance back at my handy work.

I got to socialize with some of my friends as well. I was getting cabin fever in the house there for awhile. As I was talking with John,(another neighbor) we were walking towards my house when I got the bright idea that we could ride sleds down the slope into the driveway. John said it might be fun but seeing as how there is a speed bump at the bottom it might be dangerous. I wondered if weight would make a difference in being airborne. At any rate, before getting out the sleds, we had a neighborhood snowball fight. I pelted the kids. You know it's always fun to be able to get away with pelting a kid or two.

As I was saying, we got the sleds and the kids went down the hill. It turned out to be pretty safe for them. No one went airborne on the speedbump. I decided, heck, if they can do i, I can do it. I plopped my bum on one of those plastic disc things and went flying down the hill. Backwards. No scrathes, no scars, and no broken bones. Go me. Emily has a little toddler sled and she went down by herself on it. That was too cute. Then the kids and I came in for showers and to warm up.

At midnight, I called my mom and then stood out on the balcony of the 3rd floor. There were fireworks EVERYWHERE! I mean, fireworks coming from at least 10 different yards. The sky was lit up with reds and greens and the shimmering palmtree looking fireworks. The colors glowed and danced atop the snow. With my mom on the phone, it was the closest thing I had to her being there to enjoy the moment with us and hear the shouts as we cried Happy New Year and the popping of the fireworks.

I didn't go to any bars or clubs. I didn't sing any kareoke. I didn't dance the night away or get nice and drunk. On the other hand, I was safe, I was with my family, I still had fun, I didn't puke and I'm not hung over. So maybe this is a good omen for the new year?

Now if I can just do something about my bum fitting on that dang plastic disc a little bit better.

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