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Doctor My Eyes....Tell Me What Is Wrong
2003-09-15 - 4:54 p.m.

So I go into the doctor and I say "doctor, it hurts when I move my knee like this" and he says "then don't move your knee like that." ba dum dum.

Well that's basically what happened. I go in for knee problems and he has me set up for physical therapy on my shoulder. I say doc? what about my knee? and he says "we'll see if it improves." Although how THAT'S supposed to happen, I haven't a clue. No not a dang clue.

He did say in a very low voice with his german accent. "Do you know you are a leeetle ovah-weight?" And just to be funny I gave him this wide-eyed "YOU'RE KIDDING??!!??" look as if I had no idea. And then he says "Ya, your joints weeeel love you if you lose it". Sigh. All I could think of is my REESES stash I was going to dive into when I got home. And I did. With an Orange Sunkist to wash it all down thank you very much.

So I'm thinking. Willpower. Some people have it, some don't. Hello, yes it's me. I'm one of those that don't posess such a trait. My intentions are always good but my butt remains planted. So now what? How do I get motivated?

And in other news, Kelly came back from her trip and said she was a "changed" person. She found out she had an admirer. It's her first. And a boy was dared to kiss her cheek. Since she is about 2 feet taller than all the other 6th graders she had to bend down so the little Malaysian boy could kiss her cheek. Another first for her.

I played Barbies with Emi today. I tried to use my imagination but all her Barbies wanted to do was make candy. Mine wanted to get liquored up and go out clubbing with "Real hair" Ken.

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