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Reeses is the Devil
2003-09-14 - 4:22 p.m.

Dylan had his first Fall Baseball game. They lost 5 to 8 but my boy still hit the ball and what more could I ask for, right?

My jeans are too tight and I gained 8 pounds back. I am heading in the wrong direction. I have this preoblem though. Hello, my name is Alana and I am an addict. I am a slave to my addiction. But ya gotta understand, it isn't my fault. The commissary got in a new shipment and with it came Reeses cups. I bought a pack and I hid them from my family. I hid the whole six pack. Today when no one was looking, I snuck into the pantry and quickly ripped into one. It was so fresh and I got an instant rush from the tantilizing smell of peanut butter and chocolate. I sniffed the rapper. Ahhhh, this is the primo stuff. I wanted to savor the moment, but I heard the door and foot steps so I crammed it into my mouth before I was found out. Oh, the creamy heaven I was in. I finished the second cup a little more slowly once I knew the coast was clear. I got out of the pantry and quick. Then, I gargled so that the tale-tale signs of peanutbutter breath would be covered.

I have my own special stash that no one knows about but me. I feel so, so selfish. But share? You have got to be kidding. I'll make them a cake. Somebody, save me! Intervine! Nevermind, leave me and my chocolate alone.

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