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2003-09-18 - 8:42 a.m.

A funny thing about getting older, I used to wonder and worry all the time whether I was normal or crazy, now I know I'm completely mental and I can live with that. My sanity no longer concerns me unless I put my curling iron in the fridge and my laundry in the oven.

I wonder if I am subconsciously depressed. I didn't think I was but I have been eating like a horse and I put back on all the weight I lost over spring and summer. No, I am not pregnant. I thought I was pretty happy. I walk around happy. I sing when I do dishes. Nothing out of the ordinary. hmmm. I am not going to ponder that one too long though, in case I am in some sort of dispair. I'd rather not know.

I read Drowning Ruth this past week. Not my normal reading but it's from the "Oprah's Book Club" list and my friend lent it to me so I figured, ok I'll read it. And you know, it wasn't half bad. I really enjoyed it. I think I am going to read The Lovely Bones next. I have Losing Julia, I think it's called so maybe that one.

Having no regular tv, I find I read ALOT more. Go figure. I have the dvd Gangs of New York to watch still but Im in no major hurry.

Oh and guess who's little girl made the cover of this weeks Tales of Vienna? Yup, that would be mine.

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