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2006-08-24 - 12:08 a.m.

OK, hereís the thing, Iím back in Africa and have just consumed a half bottle of vodka and a whole can of Easy Cheese. I tell ya, if it werenít for spell check, you couldnít read this. This entry may be nothing more but a sporadic ramble of an idiot but since there are only like 10 of you, itís ok. I need therapy after this summer and I need it bad. Iíll try to give a short synopsis and lend more later, but for now this is just my personal therapy. And man do I need it.

Where to start, where to start? I took the kids to OK to see their bio dad this summer. The first week he was quite pleasant and everyone was happy. Yay. Long story short (for now) he was a complete ass who lied to me and the kids and hurt them indefinitely. Therapy for them starts next week. He also broke all his promises and spent no real time with them. Didnít bother to call them and itís been over a month. Another story, (where I could use some advice to follow). Although I now know he is calling me a lying bitch, c*nt and whore over something stupid that I have actual proof Iím not lying about.

Then there was the trip to Cato stay with my parents. I love my parents deeply and thereís not a thing I wouldnít do for them BUT, there were 13 people and 4 dogs in a 2 Ĺ br 1 bath house for 5 weeks. That in itself wasnít too bad. But one of my troubled family members stole my Visa and took me for nearly 700 bucks. That hurt a lot amongst all the other drama that went on. G the kids and I slept in the front rooms and everyone worked and the one dog with cancer *(or something) howled all night. I havenít slep6t through the night in a month I think.

The topper of it all, I came back to Africa only to find out the day I got here even, that my housekeeper and dear friend had died while I was gone. There is so much more to tell but this moment, itís the best I CAN DO. Did I mention the trip cost us 10 grand with only 4 nights of an actual hotel stay? Weíre now broke. Anywho, Anything from anybody would greatly help. At the moment to be frank, life stinks.

Alana Banana

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