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Baby Baby Baby.....I got so much love in me
2006-06-14 - 8:55 a.m.

I have had that stuck in my head all morning. I’m so amped up on coffee and Exederin that I have been singing all morning. Plus I may actually get paid next week. This is a good thing, yes indeed. The whole donating my time and service wasn’t working for me. I mean, I love the guys in my office but my love comes with a price baby. Since I am leaving for the states Friday night they plan on doing a special movie/karaoke night tonight just for me. I told them I want an award of some sort. I haven’t gotten an award since the 6th grade so I totally feel I’m due.Totally.

I forgot to mention how Glen cut his hand last week. Well, gashed it really. He stuck his hand in a disintegrator and the 10 pound blade rotated and fell on his fingers. He needed 22 stitches on 3 fingers. He’s lucky it didn’t cut them off. He’s doing fine now except for the moping since I am leaving soon. You’d think I’d be all T@co Bell and Mickey D’s but last summer I got all fast food crazy in the states and was sicker than a dog after 3 days of it. You don’t really know how much fast food affects you until you go without it for a long time and then eat it for 3 days. Blurg.

I discovered the other night that my 12 year old son is now 5’10. I know that was random but he just seem to shoot up in the past year and still growing. Gonna be a big boy.

I wish I had something deep to say or whimsical or something, but really my brain is nothing more than grey matter at the moment. Jell-0 molds would be more interesting. However, last night I discovered that one should never attempt to pluck ones eyebrows after consuming a couple of African beers. I look like Jack Nicholson. Except for my singing. It’s getting hot in here……….I wanna rock and roll all nigggghhhht and party everyday……….I touch myself, I….ahem

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