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2006-06-09 - 9:55 a.m.

Sorry for the lack of posting but Iím either busy or too damn tired to do it lately. Today I am filling in as secretary to the Ambassador and DCM again. At least itís much quieter today. Last week was so hectic I was ready to run screaming through the hills or in my case, the jungle. I knew last week was gonna be bad when I first walked into the Ambassadors office and my shoe strap snapped. I had to work the whole day barefoot. I was total boho or something. The phones were ringing off the hook people were speaking French (I donít) and mail was stacked up a foot high. Stuff just kept on coming in, in one form or another. Iím just a temp, man. This kind of stress gives me hives on my stomach. Now donít get me wrong, the Ambassador and DCM are really great men but I am just not ready for Front office responsibilities. But here I sit just the same. Meh. Like I said, at least itís quiet today. And itís Friday.

There is much going on this coming week. I have to get ready to take the kids to the states. I have to get them all packed, get all documents and passports ready, find my damn purse, and still work. The kids will be seeing their dad after 2 years. He has been having stress of his own. Apparently he left his girlfriend and in a fit of rage she plowed her car into his truck. She broke her foot but claimed he hit her. Though she clearly had motive. Anyway she pressed charges and he was arrested. He has been sitting in jail for nearly 3 weeks now. An investigation proved that she was at fault and the charges were dropped but he still has to wait it out till next week due to charges she pressed on him for something else back in Jan. Lucky him. On the bright side heíll be out when we get there. Wouldíve sucked for the kids to have to visit him through bars. Iím glad I donít have that kind of drama in my life. All my hair would fall out.

So anyway, I have nearly lost 50 pounds since Iíve been here. Not the 70 Iíd hoped for but not bad of a loss in just 10 months, eh? Except my boobs have shrunk like 5 inches. Push-up bras here I come.

Iím sure going to miss my job in the RSO. I love those guys and they love me. Itís good to be loved, ya know. They told me just how much they appreciate me and my laid back approach to things. It has made for a pleasant working environment. Before I go I still gotta Xerox my butt. Iíve always wanted to do that.

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