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2005-10-07 - 10:53 a.m.

She needed 6 stitches to sew her knuckle back together. My housekeeper, that is. I told you it was a nasty cut. Poor woman. Man I wish I had more time but again, I don't. Still no internet at home but I'm trying to be ever so patient with that. Tonight is movie night at the marine house. Movie of the evening is Rebound. I think I'll just have a drink at the bar. Cuz I'm a party girl like that.

I got my Halloween costumes. This year I will be the coffin bride (cha cha cha....) for the kiddies at the kiddy party and a sexy Lil Miss Muffet for the grown up party. I've never done the "sexy" thing before but thought I'd have fun this year. Ought to be a riot to see a 225 pound Miss Muffet in fishnet stockings eh? Hey, my husband is going as a beer keg.

Oh and to Kellbelle, welcome and thanks for the comment. I didn't want you to think I don't care because I do, I really do.

In the future I intend to talk more about life here in Africa but it will take time to get it all out. Like the fact that minimum wage here s about 60 dollars a month for 56 hour work weeks. Or the fact that the grocery store imports of food are so high that anyone working for min. wage couldn't afford to shop there. More about that later. I need to get lunch cuz man, I am hungry. They have AWESOME avacados here.

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