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2005-10-25 - 9:27 a.m.

I now have internet access from home. Woo hoo! Ok so it's as slow as dial-up but waaay better than nothing. Now I just have to get motivated to write.

Last night, as we were watching t.v., Kelly looked up and said "Oh my Gawd!". I looked up in time to see a cockroach (sp?) crawling on the air conditioner above our heads. No big deal you say? Well this being Africa (where everything seems to be mutated) means that that sob was well over 3 inches lomg and nearly 2 inches wide. That's enough to spread panic in this household. Glen the superhero mushed it with his house shoe. Good thing Kelly saw it because I have no doubt I would have (pardon the term) shit bricks if that thing would have dropped on my head.

And in other news, I have now been here for 2 months. I have adjusted more and it's really kind of layed back once you do. There is alot of rain but it's more sporadic throughout the day and night and nothing really dreary. It averages about 80 degrees here daily but I sit in my air conditioned house most of the time so the heat doesn't phase me. I have ventured out on a walk or two here as well. It's quite um...jungle-y but there is a road to walk on. You can see the Presidents palace from my house. It's in the shape of a crown and sits up on a large hill. When the president travels all roads are blocked off causing up to 3 hours of traffic jams through the city. We've only been caught in one. Not too bad. Anyway, when I walk I sweat like a mother so I have high hopes of Africa being my post of ultimate weight loss. I can hope. I eat of avacados here. There wonderful and cheap. Speaking of... I went to the store the other day and noticed the price of a small bunch of grapes. Would you believ over 13 dollars for a pound? Crazy. It cost us 15 dollars for a pound of sliced deli ham for sandwiches. We treat our ham like gold. At this rate I'll be forced to order canned spam from the states to compensate. *shudder*

This weekend will be all the Ha;lloween parties. I have 3 to attend. Go me. I love Halloween. I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas ones. If I lived in the states I would compulsivly buy more. I don't know what it is. I just love the monsters and ghouls and pumpkins (no pumpkins here to carve this year). I love to watch scary movies and put skeletons everywhere. I hang bats from my chandeliers. I'm a little nutty about it but then I do make the kids green eggs and ham on St. Patty's Day. I bake alot of apples with brown sugar and cinnamon during the fall as well. I like to get the whole autumn affect. Speaking of the Fall it's almost November and you know what that means. My birthday is coming up. Yup, I'm gonna be 34. Gettin' up there yesseree. the big 3-4.

Ok, I think I have rattled on enough for today. I have internet access at home. Yay. I think I shall now order something online......from my HOME.

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