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The week of suckdom that stole my brain
2005-02-25 - 9:11 p.m.

Remember how nice and relaxing last week was for me? It was sweet to say the least. Then I came home. It was supposed to be vacation snow in Germany. Meaning weíd somehow come home to clear skies and dry streets. Ha. No of course the snow hit here and we have tons of sludge and ice and obnoxious drivers. Whee. Iíll get back to that.

The fun stuff though? The day before yesterday I was munching on some fritos when I heard and extra crunch. I thought I got a hard one. But then my tooth hurt. My first thought was that I lost my filling again from the stupid root canal I had done by the sadistic dentist. I went and looked in the mirror. It was said tooth but it wasnít a broken filling. Oh no, this time it was the damn tooth. It broke in half. I call the dentist and ask if I can be seen the next day as the piece left is jagged and I already cut my tongue on it. They said yes come in but VERY reluctantly. Austrians donít seem to care for demanding Americans unless we have a severed limb or an eye hanging out. At least thatís what Iím told. Anyway, I go to my appointment the next day and after waiting an hour and a half the dentist comes and tells me I need a crown and a post. I can come in at the end of March and have it done for a mere 1,200 euros. (About 1,600 dollars) They put in a temporary patch and sent me on my way.

I get home and wait two hours. Finally at starving point I whip out a piece of American processed slice cheese and eat it. I didnít even crunch anything I swear. Iím sure you know where this is going? Yes, I managed to eat the temporary filling. I imagine it is non-toxic since it was in my mouth. But now I still have the jagged edge cutting into my tongue. And 1,600 up front? Are you out of your mind??? Iíd have it pulled but see, when I left home at 16 I didnít have dental insurance. My prestigious job at Micky Dís didnít offer any either. So when I had a bad tooth I could get it yanked for a mere 40 dollars. I had 6 pulled. Not much left in the back of my mouth. I have to save whatís left if I hope to chew on the left side. Call me vain but that chewing thing really is important to me. So anyway, I need to save this baby but donít have that kind of dinero. Iím looking into going to a dentist in Hungary where it cost a third. Crossing fingers.

On it being the end of the month and my weight loss? Puh. I did all kinds of walking this month but spent a week eating from the resorts buffet. Although I didnít gain weight, I didnít lose it either. And while I was in Germany I hit the commissary on the base and bought some cotto salami. Oh my lustful addiction to salami and cheese sandwiches. I love them so but they will ruin me.

And lastly, it took me 30 minutes of driving around my house before I could actually park today. The polizei parked blocking my driveway and I live directly across the street from the International School. There were 10 buses coming out on a street that was big enough for one-way and snow everywhere. I had an assholette behind me honking her horn at me when a bus was blocking me. I wanted to get out and clock her one. I didnít though. I just screamed obscenities in my car. Iím better now. Thank Bob itís Friday right? I wonít even get into the petty BS with the board meeting people. Itís stupid even for me. And I like South Park and Futurama and Simpsons. I used to watch Beavis and Butthead. I got this book about them (B and B) about 9 years ago that came with a remote and it said things like ďShut up, assmunch!Ē I had hours of fun with that. SO for me to consider the board meeting stuff stupid, you know itís got to be. Anyway, where was I? Yea, this week sort of sucked.

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