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Just another boring Monday
2005-01-24 - 10:57 a.m.

I have been sick for the past few days. That sinus-y kind of sick which involves much blowing of the nose and Night Time N*quil to help me get some rest medicine. That stuff makes me snore worse than usual and makes a nice filmy paste in my mouth and on my lips in the morning. I am a lovely sight to behold let me tell you. Everywhere I perch my butt is cluttered with wadded Kleenex. Naturally I have nothing great to write.

It is snowing outside but it isnít really sticking. This is quite surprising since last year we were blanketed in snow starting on New Years Eve. So this winter has been pretty mild by comparison. Iím not complaining though. I just spent my last 10 years in South California so I havenít quite gotten used to all the snow and dismal weather. I got fatter last weather. I managed to pile on about 18 additional pounds from last years holidays and winter. I did take off 16 of it since then but still. It took me all year. At this rate I should be back down to my normal size in 2009. One thing that has really helped me is wearing this pedometer. Well that and something the guy in ďSuper Size MeĒ said. He said the average overweight person only takes about 1500 steps maximum a day. I make it a point to do 5,000 a day. I originally wanted to go 10,000 a day but since I only pulled that off once this whole month I figure itís a little unrealistic at the moment. The point is, wearing the pedometer and keeping the step thing in mind makes me consciously aware of what Iím doing so I do a little extra everyday. Baby steps.

There is going to be a Mardi Gras party at the marine house on the 4th. I plan to go. I also plan to eat first so as not to get stupid there. See I donít drink often at all but when I do, I tend to overdo on occasion. Itís social situations that kill me. Iím one of those people who are all chalk full of anxiety when Iím around a lot of people. I feel like if I speak everyone thinks Iím an idiot. I know itís not really the case but Iím just not very comfortable in my own skin. I have a drink to settle my nerves. Usually Iím ok but if I forget to eat Iíll be coming home and singing the toilet bowl blues. But I really need to get out and be a little social although I wonít be flashing ta-tas for beads. I spend too much time at home alone talking to the dog. And he really could use a bath.

The other day I went to the mall with a friend and we got lunch. She sat us down at a table in the CENTER OF THE FREAKIN ROOM. I canít eat that way. I feel like everyone is watching me eat. Iím tense and uneasy. She saw this and we moved off to the side. Am I the only one who canít eat in the center of a restaurant? And I have to sit in the seat that has my back facing any people.

On a side note I feel so bad for my husband. He is a die hard Steelers fan who has been setting the alarm clock for midnight and staying up until 3 am just to cheer his team on. Last night he got up at midnight, had on his Steelers jersey and was all set to see them conquer the playoffs. He came moping into the room at 3 to say it was over. All over. I really wanted them to win. They had a kickass season though if I do say so. Maybe next year.

OK this entry is boring me too. I think Iíll go stare out the window at the falling snow.

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