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2005-01-26 - 11:23 a.m.

Tomorrow will mark the first day of Emilyís very first after school activity. She will be taking Ballet. Ever since she found out it was a possibility itís all sheís talked about. She wanted me to find her some black shoes to go along with the black leotard she has. That leotard is a hand-me-down that was part of Kellyís Halloween costume 10 years ago. The thing is ragged and small but Emily was really excited to get the chance to wear it for a real dance class.

Being the ever dedicated (ha ha) mother that I am, I drove to the mall to find her something. This in itself is quite a feat because 1. I drove to the mall BY MYSELF and 2. There is a snowstorm going on right now. Yea, but I didnít want to let her down for her very first class so I braved it. They had no black shoes so I ended up buying her an all new ballerina outfit complete with tights and shoes that will actually fit her. She shall be A-dorable. Her outfit is all white. I hope I donít lose her in the snow.

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