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Smells like Christmas
2004-12-13 - 12:36 p.m.

One of the things that help remind me of home is the fact that I can buy Charmin toilet paper here. It comes in 3 colors: yellow, blue and white. I always buy the yellow and blue because they match the colors in my bathrooms. It’s always fun to color coordinate even in small ways. Well a few days ago when I was off to buy some toilet paper since we were running dangerously low; I saw that the white Charmin toilet paper had a Christmas tree on it. Even the bear had a Santa hat on. Well, being in the holiday spirit, how could I resist? I just couldn’t. It even had the word CHRISTMAS on the package. I had to go with the white.

A day or two later when I opened the pack I noticed a strange aroma in the air. No, that wasn’t me. It was the dog, I swear! Just kidding. It was a cinnamon-y, spicy smell. A Christmas smell, if you will. And it was coming from the toilet paper! Well, this was a truly amazing thing to me. I called Glen and said, “Honey! Smell this! The toilet paper is SCENTED! CHRISTMAS scented!” I just couldn’t believe that not only did it have a Santa Bear and Christmas tree on the package but also to add to the excitement it smelled like Christmas. So now, whenever any of us go to wipe our nether regions we'll smell like Christmas! Glen wasn’t impressed. I don’t get it.

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